Corporate Outings near Pune

Exceptional Corporate Outings

Stepping away from the office and into the rejuvenating embrace of nature can do wonders for your team. Located conveniently close to Pune and Mumbai, we specialize in crafting memorable and productive corporate outings. With our unique offerings, we ensure your corporate outings are not just about meetings but also about bonding, creativity, and the creation of lasting memories.

Team Building Activities and Professional Facilitation

Boost team unity and collaboration with our diverse range of games and activities. From classic Tug of War to a thrilling Treasure Hunt, our games promote teamwork, enhance problem-solving abilities, and build a stronger team spirit. Enhance your team-building activities or corporate workshops with our professional facilitators. Our experts can help design and conduct effective programs that foster collaboration and teamwork.

Tech-Ready Meetings and Natural Meeting Spaces

We offer comprehensive technology support, including Wi-Fi, projector, mic, and sound system, to facilitate any business discussions, presentations, or brainstorming sessions. Take these meetings out of the conference room and into our open-air spaces. These natural settings encourage creativity, stimulate fresh thinking, and add a unique twist to corporate discussions. Alternatively, our spacious cafeteria, capable of accommodating up to 100 people at once, provides an ideal indoor space for larger gatherings. This flexibility ensures your team has a comfortable and well-equipped environment for all your corporate outing needs.

Flexible Accommodation

We provide versatile accommodation options that suit your team's needs, including private rooms for executives and both shared and private accommodations for team members.

Wellness Activities

Promote employee well-being with our wellness activities. We offer yoga sessions and guided meditation workshops that can help your team relax and rejuvenate amidst their busy schedules.

Indoor, Outdoor Games and Entertainment: Beyond work, we offer plenty of fun with a variety of indoor games. Whether it's a competitive round of Foosball or a strategic game of Chess, these activities provide opportunities for team members to connect and unwind.

Traditional Indian Games: Experience the joy of traditional Indian games like Kho-Kho, Lagori (Seven Stones), and Chhupam Chhupai (Hide and Seek). These fun games foster unity and camaraderie, enhancing the team-building experience.

Evening Entertainment

As day turns to evening, let loose with our selection of party games and musical sessions. Whether it's a friendly match of Beer Pong or a lively Karaoke session, we promise a memorable night of laughter and bonding.

Digital Detox

In today's hyper-connected world, we encourage teams to enjoy a digital detox. By stepping away from their devices, employees can unwind, connect with nature, and return to work more refreshed and focused.

Customizable Packages

We understand that each organization has unique needs and expectations. That's why we offer customizable packages to match your specific requirements, whether it's a day-long outing or a weekend retreat.

GST Billing

We provide GST invoices for all our services, ensuring a seamless experience for your team.

Transportation Assistance

We can assist with transportation logistics, making it easier for your team to reach our retreat.

Cocktail Nights and Private Parties

Add a touch of glamour to your corporate outing with our cocktail nights or host a private party for your team. These events can be customized to your preferences, making your corporate outing even more special.

Budget-Friendly Options

We understand that corporate outings often have set budgets. We offer a range of lucrative offers and budget-friendly options without compromising on the quality of experience.

Special Benefits for Employees

To make your employees feel special, we offer equivalent discounts for their families for future visits. Moreover, the person who facilitates the corporate outing booking is entitled to a complimentary stay at our retreat.

At Gypsy Soul Retreat, we believe in creating an environment that stimulates innovation, promotes team unity, and ensures a memorable time for all. Our retreat, with its blend of natural beauty, engaging games, and comfortable facilities, offers an unparalleled corporate outing experience. We look forward to hosting you and contributing to your team's growth and success.