Monsoon Getaway

Monsoon Getaway near Pune at Gypsy Soul

The Ultimate Rainy Season Adventure Place near Pune

Bust the myth that camping is closed during monsoons! At Gypsy Soul, we're convinced that the rainy season is one of the most stunning times to experience the great outdoors. Our campsite and resort, located near Pune in Panshet, provides the perfect monsoon hideout with a variety of stay options, activities, and amenities tailored for the season. Embrace the charm of the monsoons and uncover why Gypsy Soul is the go-to destination for a rain-filled adventure.

Monsoon-Ready Accommodations

Our luxury tents and cottages are well-secured to withstand even the heaviest monsoon downpours. We also offer limited camping tents, set up under a protective shade, ensuring a cozy and comfortable stay. Rest assured, your monsoon experience at Gypsy Soul will be safe, dry, and unforgettable.

Activities and Entertainment

During the monsoon season, our large cafeteria can accommodate up to 100 guests, allowing us to host all the activities we offer in winter. Live music, open-air cinema, and indoor games come alive amidst the rhythmic tapping of raindrops on the metal roof. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere while savoring delicious monsoon treats like bhajis, vada pav, chai, and pakoras.

Monsoon Cuisine near Pune

There's nothing quite like enjoying mouthwatering comfort food while watching the rain pour down. Our cafeteria serves a variety of monsoon delicacies, allowing you to indulge in the flavors of the season as you watch the Varasgaon Dam come to life with the rainfall.

Embrace the Outdoors

The lush green landscape during monsoons offers an unparalleled experience of nature. Venture out for a hike or participate in outdoor sports, reveling in the beauty of the season. The monsoon transforms Gypsy Soul into a verdant paradise, providing the perfect backdrop for your outdoor activities.

Relive Your Childhood Memories

When was the last time you soaked in the rain, feeling the joy of childhood? Gypsy Soul invites you to bring back that inner child and revel in the delightful sensation of raindrops. Experience the magic of the monsoons and create new memories that will last a lifetime.

A Unique Monsoon Experience Near Pune

With live music accompanied by the sound of raindrops, delicious monsoon treats, and breathtaking views of the dam and surrounding landscape, Gypsy Soul offers a one-of-a-kind monsoon adventure. The rainy season brings with it a unique charm that you won't find during any other time of the year.


Don't let the rains keep you indoors this monsoon season. Gypsy Soul's monsoon hideout offers the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and entertainment in a picturesque setting. Our monsoon-ready accommodations, mesmerizing activities, and mouthwatering cuisine ensure a memorable experience that will leave you longing for more. Book your monsoon escape at Gypsy Soul today and experience the magic of the rainy season like never before.