Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Games for Family

Let’s get started 

Just a short drive from Pune and Mumbai, Gypsy Soul Retreat is a delightful destination for families seeking a wholesome and memorable vacation. We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor games, appealing to all ages and interests, from beloved board games to exciting outdoor exploits.

Spark Creativity: An Array of Indoor Games

Enliven your evenings with our diverse selection of indoor games, designed to foster connection, stimulate creativity, and encourage friendly competition:

Board Game Bonanza: Dive into strategic classics like Chess, Monopoly, or Ludo, or enjoy the supersized fun of Giant Jenga.

Tabletop Sports: Ignite your competitive spirit with Foosball, Carrom, or an energetic game of Table Tennis.

Creative Corner: Explore your artistic side with drawing Pictionary, unleash your acting prowess in Dumb Charades, or let the little ones delight in our swings, slides, and creative arts and crafts sessions.

For Our Young Guests

We understand that kids seek fun and excitement. Our retreat offers plenty of room for kids to safely explore, play, and make new friends. From swings and slides to arts and crafts sessions, we ensure that our little guests are never short of entertainment.

Experience Nature: Outdoor Fun and Games

Venture outdoors and immerse yourself in the splendor of nature while enjoying our lineup of outdoor games:

Sporting Thrills: Engage in an exciting match of Volleyball or Box Cricket, or strengthen team bonds with Tug of War.

Nature's Playground: Our nature-inspired games, like Treasure Hunt and Creative Frisbee, inject a dash of adventure into your stay.

For Our Furry Friends

We warmly welcome your furry companions. Our retreat is home to vast open spaces that offer plenty of room for pets to roam, play, and explore in a safe environment.

Back to School: Traditional Indian Games

Revisit the charm of yesteryears with our collection of traditional Indian games. Experience the thrill of Kho-Kho, the strategy of Lagori (Seven Stones), or the pure joy of Chhupam Chhupai (Hide and Seek). These nostalgic games foster unity and offer a unique cultural experience.

Evening Entertainment: Party Games and More

As the sun begins to set, Gypsy Soul Retreat transforms into a vibrant hub of entertainment:

Musical Saga: Showcase your singing talent with Karaoke or lose yourself in our lively music nights.

Party Games: From Beer Pong to Kings Cup and Never Have I Ever, our selection of party games guarantees an evening filled with laughter and enjoyment.

Mind Games: Challenge your intellect with Tic Tac Toe, or spark lively conversations with games like "Never Have I Ever."

Day Trips: Boating at Varasgaon or Panshet Dam

Looking for a day out? Experience the serene beauty of Varasgaon or Panshet Dam, situated nearby. Take a relaxing boat ride, enjoy the picturesque views, and create lasting memories.


Gypsy Soul Retreat offers a unique blend of relaxation and recreation. With our diverse collection of indoor and outdoor games set against the backdrop of natural beauty, we promise a fun-filled, rejuvenating experience. Be it a family vacation, a corporate retreat, or a simple escape from the everyday, embark on a journey of joy, laughter, and nostalgia at Gypsy Soul Retreat. We look forward to welcoming you!