Hiking in Pune

At Gypsy Soul Retreat, we encourage you to join us on a relaxing hike, an expression to the gypsy soul's love for exploration and discovery. Our dedicated trail, a simple 30-minute hike, is easy and enjoyable for everyone.

The Gypsy Soul Sunset Hike: A Sight to Remember

The highlight of our hiking trail is the beautiful view of the Varasgaon and Panshet dams. As the day comes to an end, the setting sun turns the sky into a breathtaking mix of orange and pink. This mesmerizing sight, especially popular among our guests, is an experience you won't forget.

Hiking through the Seasons: Nature's Beauty All Year Round

Our hiking trail is stunning in every season, with each time of the year adding its special touch. Winter mornings often bring a light fog, giving the trail a peaceful, dreamlike feel. During summer and winter, the sunrise and sunset views are spectacular, while the monsoon season brings a fresh burst of greenery.

Safe and Guided Hikes: We Prioritize Your Comfort

Safety is our top concern, and our professional guides are always there to make your hike safe and enjoyable. They'll accompany you, making sure you have a fantastic time.

Relax and Recharge: After Your Hike

Once the hike is over, you can relax and chat about your experiences over a delicious meal at our cafeteria. 

Embrace the Spirit of the Gypsy Soul

The hike at Gypsy Soul Retreat is more than just a walk; it's a chance to experience the spirit of a gypsy soul. The term "gypsy soul" stands for a love of exploration, a longing for freedom, and a deep bond with nature. Our hiking trail offers exactly that - a chance to connect with your inner gypsy soul, appreciate the beauty around you, and create lasting memories.

Are you ready to experience the spirit of a gypsy soul and join us on this wonderful hiking journey? The trail is here, waiting to share its beauty with you. Enjoy the hike!